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free teacher software and learning platform with competence grid

DiLer, the learning platform is free. The open source learning platform contains a report program (also for learning development reports), student record (online class book) and functions for school administration, we call it "dilering". A free teacher software for schools with competence grid, especially for community schools, software from teachers for teachers. DiLer, the digital learning environment is an open learning platform and is free of cost.

Joomla LMS

DiLer is a german Joomla LMS, an open source framework. The LMS with competence grid is free. A multilingual LMS including a report program, learning development reports, school record and more.

learning platform for students

DiLer is a learning platform for students. The LMS is free of cost. The learning platform is used by teachers, parents and students. Learning development reports, school record and more can be viewed online.

We want to build a learning platform that is easy to use, looks appealing and functions safely for our students and ourselves. We believe that a learning platform can motivate to learn, can cause learning joy and simultaneously facilitates the work for us teachers. With DiLer it easy for us to accompany students individually while learning. Parents can track the learning progress of their child online. Students work independently and motivated and have fun learning.

We develop DiLer with the idea of Free Open Source Software. Not only the knowledge, also the learning tool must be freely available. A learning platform must be open source because it processes confidential data. A learning platform must be extensible and adaptable to individual needs. A learning platform must allow the use of modern technologies and help teach media literacy.

Free Open Source Software

Our learning platform and school management software is used in all types of schools by us teachers, students and parents. The DiLer LMS is open source software and is available to all schools free of charge. Even though it is open source software the programming costs money. We finance DiLer by installation and maintenance service, online help and trainings for our partner schools. These partner schools receive professional support during installation and during operation. Also, partner schools actively participate in the development of our learning platform.

DiLer accompanies the student in autonomously solving the learning tasks and the achievement of the competences.
Teachers are able to follow each student to advise them individually and to evaluate their performance.
DiLer shows the learning achievements in acquiring the skills as a motivation for the students and as a control instrument for the teacher.
Parents can find out about the current status of their child at any time.
DiLer consists of competence grid software, communication channels, calendar with schedule, student and teacher profiles, statistics and much more.

Advantages for your school:

  • easy to understand and easy to use
  • supports the individual promotion of students depending on the state of knowledge
  • high security by storing the user data on the government servers - the data remains in the country under school jurisdiction
  • makes the connection between teachers, parents and students through real-time access to the same data
  • safety of investment with FOSS (Free Open Source Software)
  • free download at
  • professional support and development is optionally available
  • proven Joomla ® platform guarantees extensibility and ease of data maintenance
  • hardware-and location-independent: runs on most Internet-enabled devices and with any common operating system
  • exchange platform for schools saves time and work (competence grid, icons, images, learning tasks, tests, etc)