DiLer - The secure learning environment

  • DiLer - Digital Learning Environment is an easy to use open source learning platform. A reliable and comprehensive Learning Management System for a GDPR compliant digital school.
  • The school authority benefits from investment security through FOSS (Free Open Source Software) because, in contrast to proprietary software, no time-limited license has to be purchased that jeopardizes long-term use.
  • The open source learning environment DiLer can be used in all types of schools, as functions, terms and design can be individually adapted.
  • A high degree of flexibility and well thought-out scope enable a digital educational concept.

School Diary

The school diary can be implemented immediately in digital form. It is immediately available to any authorized teacher, anywhere.


Absence days and excused or unexcused absences are managed centrally.


The certificates can easily be written online. Several teachers can work on one certificate at the same time.

Learning Materials

Analogue and digital learning materials as well as references to textbooks can be stored in DiLer and thus enable clear learning, planning and organization.


Letters to parents, forms and learning material can be provided via the internal cloud.

Message System

Classes, students and parents can be reached quickly through an internal messaging system.

Teacher Calendar

Teacher calendar and shoulder reminder are easily managed and made available to users.


An integrated wiki offers a possibility for a digital portfolio of the school.