DiLer can be used as an easy to use learning platform in the Partner Edition (PE) or Community Edition (CE).
The learning content is added by each school individually in DiLer. The DiLer Media Building Kit with raw material is available to all our Partner Schools.
Apart from that we help schools organising localised meetings for sharing the built learning material so the work can be split across many maintainers.

Partner Edition Community Edition DiLer Demo
using DiLer register register request
ready to use DiLer installation as download
premium features (videocommunication, mediatranscoding, live update, ...)
report programme, also for learning developement reports without grades
calendar with remark to upcoming appointments and import/export in iCal for example
student record including absence statistic
short messages between teachers, students and parents
service: installing DiLer on the Webspace of the school DiLer Team network admin of the school
service: individual arranging of the DiLer installation DiLer Team network admin of the school
service: DiLer managertraining 1
service: support via e-mail
service: support via phone
entry to the media building kit (graphics for creating own learning materials)
DiLer documentation contextsensitive onlinehelp contextsensitive onlinehelp contextsensitive onlinehelp
DiLer manager documentation contextsensitive onlinehelp CE-handbook
support via forum moderated partner forum community forum 1
functional updates immediately on appearance immediately on appearance immediately on appearance
safety updates immediately on appearance immediately on appearance immediately on appearance
voting right regarding future development
suggest new functions
License Costs none none
Download the Software at our Website free free
Contribution for
Development and Support


Trainings3 for the Teachers and the DiLer Manager

4€/Student one-time2

Term and Termination 1 year, no cancellation period
using DiLer register register request

  • 1 We are happy to convey a DiLer trainer nearby. Herefor please use our contact data.
  • 2 Amount of students at the entire school, prices plus 19%VAT if applicable, minimum contribution to cover the fixed costs: 160 students. Our calculation for contributing to the development of DiLer and its services is based on the total number of students at the facility, not the number of users. Ex: 50 elementary school students + 40 community students + 110 junior high school students = 200 students at the entire facility.
  • 3 Both courses take place after the installation of DiLer is completed and are an important part of the integration of DiLer into the school life and are therefore compulsory for all of the teachers.